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Great Lake Swimmers

Saturday September 15, 2018
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2018  marks  the  15th anniversary  of Great  Lake Swimmers.  The JUNO nominated,  Polaris  Prize  shortlisted Toronto  group,  fronted by  lead  singer-songwriter Tony  Dekkerare pleased  to  announce  new  album The Waves,  The  Wake,  releasing August  17,  2018 via Nettwerk. Recorded  in  the  145 year   old Bishop  Cronyn  Memorial  Church and   produced   by Chris  Stringer (Union  Sound),Tony decided  to  challenge  himself  by  writing  new  music  without any  acoustic  guitar  which  has  always  been  his instrumental  mainstay.  He  further digressed  from  previous  songwriting  patterns  by  looking  at  each  track  individually and   then   tailoring   the   instrumentation   to   bring   each   song   to   life   in   its   own distinctive way. The new  record  is preceded by a six  track EP  titled Side  Effects, that features new songs “The  Talking  Wind”, “Falling Apart” and “Side  Effects” as well as fan favourites “Your  Rocky  Spine”, “Quiet Your  Mind” and “I  Became  Awake”.

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