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Oysterband (Oysters3)

Saturday November 03, 2018
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tremendous, joyous, remarkable... [they] play with an imagination and vigor that make them the cream of their genre.” - Rolling Stone

Oysterband are widely regarded in the UK as the most consistently creative performers and writers of folk rock. Their combination of strong, literate lyrics with rock and other techniques is distinctive and finds an audience across language barriers. But every so often, the guys feel the need to do something a little different….Hence, OYSTERS3. The three founder-members of Oysterband, John Jones (vocal, melodeon), Alan Prosser (guitar, vocal) and Ian Telfer (violin, keyboard, vocal) - who between them write all the band’s songs - invite you to an evening of fresh acoustic reworkings of their best music from all eras of their career. From the 1993 original of their “When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down)” that became a huge hit for Great Big Sea to the latest songs on their recent ‘Best-of’ compilation, This House Will Stand - All presented with a good deal of spontaneity and laced with off-the-wall and not-entirely-discreet stories from 40 unbroken years on the road.

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