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Classic Albums Live: Supertramp

Friday November 30, 2018
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Growing up in the 70s, Crime of the Century was the album that blasted out of every car stereo and every Eaton’s Viking brand turntable. Supertramp made it okay to question the rules of school. And even though we all ended up towing the line, the lyric “so you think your schooling’s phoney” united us and made us feel like we were all in it together.

Classic Albums Live knows how to perform the Crime of the Century album. We’ve been performing it for 13 years. It’s an album that you continually learn from and it brings out the absolute best in the musicians. The arrangements are complex and full of lyrical brilliance. There’s not a bad track on the album. It’s a masterpiece. And we’re going to give it the ultimate honour and perform it note for note - cut for cut.

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