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Bob Jensen

Thursday October 17, 2019
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Bob Jensen’s poetry knows no borders. His scenes and images travers barren landscapes and wondrous beauty, deep sorrows and joyful celebration. It takes you on journeys that will make you both shudder and smile. That’s the stuff of great poets!– Lennie Gallant

Canadian born and bred Bob Jensen has a lifetime of writing under his belt. In his youth he was a traveling folk singer and made one recording called First Time Since August, and later went on to write the award-winning novel, Matchbox Funeral. He has collaborated on songwriting with many prestigious artists around the world, including England’s legendary Martin Simpson, Zimbabwe’s Black Umfolosi and Nashville singer-songwriter, Alan Rhody. In 2017, Jensen completed a book of 100 poems interpreting the paintings of Marc Chagall, an artist he has loved since he was a child. He is currently working on several print and spoken word projects.

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