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Lee Harvey Osmond with Special Guest Lynne Hanson

Wednesday November 20, 2019
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Lee Harvey Osmond revives the origins of “Acid Folk” with his fourth studio album, Mohawk which centres around the discovery of Wilson’s true heritage and culture. In mid-life, in his 50s, Wilson learned that the parents who raised him were not his birth parents; that, in fact, he was adopted and that his biological mother and father were Mohawk from the Kahnawake reserve, just outside of Montreal. Grappling with this newfound sense of himself plunged Wilson into a quest for his heritage and his truth, and led to the writing of his bestselling autobiography, Beautiful Scars (Doubleday Canada). His previous albums include A Quiet Evil and JUNO nominated The Folk Sinner and Beautiful Scars.

Special Guest: Lynne Hanson

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