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Clayton Bellamy & the Congregation

Saturday October 12, 2019
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100.3 The Bear presents Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation. Audiences will know Bellamy from The Road Hammers and from his solo records (Everyone’s a Dreamer and Five Crow Silver). “But you don’t know this,” he says, “It’s like I’ve finally found my music, a combination of blues, rock and gospel: a mixture of all my favourite bands in one.” (Taken from Website: https://www.congregationmusic.com/biography)

Born out of the belly of the South in the blackest swamp in the Delta. Baptized in Rock n Roll and bathed in the Truth. Covered in the Holy Spirit and Voodoo magic. Raised to do one thing and one thing only, deliver the good news of Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll and raise up the people of the world to join the Congregation... (Taken from Facebook Page @ClaytonBellamy)

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