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The Crucible - Opera Nuova

Saturday June 26, 2021
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This opera premiered in 1961 and garnered the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Music. The Crucible is one of the most gripping works of American opera and is based on Arthur Miller’s play centered on the Salem witch trials. The story reveals how the line between truth and pretense becomes increasingly blurry when a community’s dogged determination to root out evil often becomes more dangerous than the evil itself. (stageagent.com) 

Composed by Robert Ward, Libretto by Bernard Stambler, Based on the play by Arthur Miller

Conducted by Rosemary Thomson, Directed by Kim Mattice Wanat

Produced by permission of ECS Publishing Group. St, Louis, MO, USA
Sole agent for E.C. Schirmer Music Company, Publisher and Copyright Owner

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